Choosing Business Administration Schools

Choosing Business Administration Schools

When choosing a school at which to pursue a program in business administration, students should consider a number of factors before making such a monumental decision. A major factor in business administration programs is accreditation. Attending an accredited school is important, as accreditation shows that the program meets a pre-established set of standards. One of the largest accreditation bodies of business programs is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Another important factor students might consider is a school’s ranking, especially for an MBA program. Earning a top ten ranking from a well-known source, such as US News and World Report, helps to make schools extremely sought-after and extremely competitive.

Location is another consideration. Business administration programs are found virtually everywhere in all sorts of degree programs. Students can earn anything from a diploma or certificate to a doctoral degree world wide, and many business programs are now offered entirely online. Some students, however, might wish to study in a city known for their interest, such as finance. A finance student who wants to be close to the action and seize the best internship and job opportunities might consider studying in New York City or Charlotte, two of the nation’s financial capitals.

Students should also look at a school’s opportunities for specialization within a program and how strong those courses are. Common business administration specializations include accounting, human resources, and marketing.

Finally, students should seek out schools with strong internship and job placement programs. Internships are key to helping graduates stand out in the marketplace, and a great career services department can make a world of difference to students looking for their first job.

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