Choosing a Business School

Choosing a Business School

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of business schools across the country offering programs in all sorts of business-related subjects. Choosing the perfect school can seem like a daunting task. But perhaps the best advice is... Know Thyself first. .

Your Goals

A very important, perhaps the most important consideration in choosing a business school is knowing your personal career goals. Look for schools that offer programs can help you meet those goals. Want to beomce a company's chief executive? You'll probably need to study all the way to an MBA, while if you're only interested in retail management, you might only need an associate degree.

Business programs offer quite a number of specialties. Aspiring accountants should seek out a program with a strong accounting specialty, while those with a human resource interest should find schools with great human resources programs.


Reputation is often important to students, especially MBA students. Many organizations publish rankings of business schools, and attending a well-known, highly ranked school can help you fare well in the job search. But if the education you get at that school is targeted to specialties that don't interest you, its ranking may not matter as much. Bear in mind that rankings can be highly subjective and do not include criteria that might be of personal importance to you (value, location, teacher-student ratio).

When looking at rankings, check for how the school ranks for programs that meet your career goals For example, a school highly ranked for economics programs may not be as suitable for supply chain management or no matter how well it ranks nationally.

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