Careers & Jobs in Business Administration

Careers & Jobs in Business Administration

The four most common groups of employment business administration graduates find themselves in are sales, retail, health care, and non-profit sectors. Management positions are a common path for business administration graduates, and such positions are available in nearly every industry. Most management jobs are found in retail, finance, and insurance industries. Other common fields of employment include professional, technical, scientific, advertising, publishing, health care, and other service industries.

SUNY Oswego offers a list of common first jobs obtained by their business administration graduates, which include sales executives, buyers, loan officers, financial analysts, insurance agents, and human resource directors.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) highlights a number of popular business careers and lists the number of positions filled in 2004 for the following career fields:

  • Accountants and auditors - 1.2 million
  • Insurance sales agents - 400,000
  • Real estate brokers - 349,600
  • Sales managers - 337,000
  • Loan officers - 291,000
  • Medical and health services managers - 248,000
  • Financial analysts - 197,000
  • Marketing managers - 188,000
  • Personal financial advisors - 158,000
  • Human resource managers - 157,000
  • Wholesale and retail buyers - 156,000
  • Real estate sales agents - 110,400
  • Advertising and promotions managers - 64,000
  • Budget analysts - 58,000
  • Public relations managers - 58,000
  • Loan counselor - 34,000

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