Careers in International Business

Careers in International Business

International business, broadly defined, describes commercial transactions that take place between two or more nations. A variety of jobs are necessary to help conduct business abroad for multinational enterprises like General Motors, McDonald’s, or Sony.

Ideal candidates for international business should be open minded and willing to accept new ideas and cultures. You should also have a keen interest in different political systems, foreign exchange markets and other important regulations in order to understand how business is conducted in other countries.

Training in International Business

To be successful in international business, you'll need to learn the basics. Accounting, economics, finance and information and decision systems are courses you must complete with a passing grade before completing upper division units.

Once these prerequisites are complete, you can also choose to specialize in a certain region of the world, focusing your studies on areas like Latin American or Asian studies.

Learning another language is also an integral part of the curriculum since you’ll need to embrace the country and culture around you. Use overseas internships to your advantage; they can help develop your literacy and language skills, giving you the international experience employers will look for.

Most international businessmen and women hold bachelor's or master's degrees in business with a concentration in international business or a specific region.

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